CEO's Message

Since 1982

I would like to start by sincerely thanking everyone who
gave endless support for ChoDang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.
Ever since it's establishment in 1982, ChoDang Pharmaceutical Company has been making High-Quality
medicines and always making effort to contribute in bringing health and happiness to the people.

ChoDang has been producing about 60 excellent products

Starting with Duribang®, a peripheral blood circulation improvement medicine in OTC field, and Mesocan®, the anti-atherogenic agent in ETC field, ChoDang has been producing about 60 excellent products, and continuously investing in R&D

Because ChoDang is affiliated with BaekJe Pharm., the largest Distributor of pharmaceutical products in Korea, our sales network is strong and well organized. Also, We are proud to say that we are doing our parts in returning the benefits back to our society by supporting the educational system through BaekJe High School and ChoDang University, and helping people in Desperate needs through ChoEun Welfare Foundation

ChoDang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD has always been making effort to develop new medicines and trying to introduce new technology by joining partnership with well-known pharmaceutical companies around the world. We are also fully participating with many research facilities in developing new materials.

Our company is fully equipped with advanced facilities and high-tech manufacturing-line and we are making every effort to produce high-quality products and to preserve remedial effect of medicines. We promise that we will always do our best to improve not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our lives.

For the last, I would like to thank again for your continuous support for ChoDang Pham. and wish everyone a healthy and happy life.