ChoDang Industrial Co., LTD
Chodang Training Institute is placed within a complex selected
as the best artificial forestation created by an individual in Korea

ChoDang Industrial Co., LTD

Since 1968, Mr. Ki Woon Kim, the founder of ChoDang Industrial Co., LTD., has been cultivating an artificial forest plantation named ChoDang Forest Plantation.
With more than 5 million roots of economically high-valued trees covering the area of 1,000ha, ChoDang Forest Plantation is the largest private-owned artificial forest plantation in Korea.
Mr. Ki Woon Kim's effort to make Green-Korea and his research to develop economically high-valued forest plantation that fits Korean climate environment was highly recognized by the government, and therefore received several national awards in appreciation of his services.

ChoDang Training Institute

ChoDang Training Institute was built inside ChoDang Forest Plantation in order to provide a place to experience and enjoy healthy natural environment, away from the city life.
ChoDang Training Institute is equipped with many guest rooms enough to hold a party of 100 people, a lecture room, cafeteria, large playing field, barbeque place, swimming pool, and the largest artificial forest plant in Korea for you to experience.