R&D Overview

Since 1995
Various research and development for
the development of excellent products.

Since 1995

Chodang Pharm, which opens up the future, has been contributing to the enhancement of national health upon a corporate philosophy which places national health and a disease-free and happy life first.
The Chodang Laboratory was established on October 16, 1995 and has been conducting various research and development for the development of excellent products.

In particular, while expanding and moving its laboratory to Seoul in October of 2012 to actively take part in the rapidly changing current pharmaceutical market, it has supplemented new and skilled specialized researchers,
has devoted effort into establishing new global new drug development pipelines and a portfolio on medium and long term strategies, and it is actively pushing forward with the development of new drugs through active technology exchanges made with foreign and domestic research institutes.

Also, it has developed specialized medicine manufacturing Platform Technology
It is developing improved new drugs, focusing on creating a new market using improvements in the solubility of poorly water-soluble pharmaceuticals and outside the development of specialized pharmaceuticals, it is conducting continuous research into making functional products such as health functional foods.

Due to such efforts, the laboratory is moving one step closer to commercializing differentiated new medicine and improved new medicine such as drugs for leukemia, the CNS, urology, and osteoporosis along with targeted agents, antiplatelet agents, and anti-thrombotics.