R&D Organization

Global new drug development through Open Innovation,
Platform Technology, and First-in-class oriented drug development

Research field

  • Drug Discovery Laboratory
    * New drug development based on High-Throughput Screening
    *“First-In-Class” priotized synthesis
    * Research on improved new drugs
    * The development of the synthetic process for drug candidates
  • Natural Products
    * The development of natural product for the treatments of chronic/intractable diseases
    * Separation and structural identification of active pharmaceutical ingredients of natural product
    * Standardization/efficacy/safety/analytical methods/raw material extraction
    * Formulation research
    * The research and development of foods, individually approved health functional foods and improved new drugs
  • Pharmacology/Toxicology
    * Searches for the efficacies of new drug candidate substances using cell strains and animal models for human diseases
    * Research on action mechanism
    * Safety pharmacology tests
    * Absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) tests
    * Basic general toxicology tests and side-effect research
  • Analysis
    * New material structure analysis research
    * Research and development of analytical methods for API/finished pharmaceutical products
    * New drug PK research
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory
    * The development of technology for the elderly patients to whom drug administration is difficult
    * The development of improved drug difficult to administer
    * The development of increased bioavailability through Platform Nano manufacturing technology of poorly water soluble pharmaceuticals
  • Product development team
    * Product development and international licensing
    * The licensing of new and generic products
    * Surveying, analysis, and planning for the development of new drugs and improved new drugs
    * Literature Science/Clinical Research
    * Intellectual property management such as with patents