R&D History

It has been contributing to the improvement of human health through
pharmaceuticals by releasing new drugs containing reference listed
drugs - such as NSAIDs anti-inflammatory analgesic drug, muscle relaxants,
osteitis deforman medicine, rheumatoid arthritis medicine, dermatological
preparations for skin diseases, blood clot treatments for arteriosclerosis,
corticosteroids, medicine for the central nervous system, medicine for
Parkinson's syndrome, and anti-malarial drugs for the first time in Korea
  • Present ~ 2001
  • 2000 ~ 1985
April Korea Drug Development Fund for Development of novel anti-cancer drug targeting p34, a novel modulator of NEDD4-1-mediated PTEN ubiquitination
January Approval of the antiplatelet Adinox
January The establishment of Pharmaceutical Laboratory
January Conducted the Technological Innovation R&D Program funded by the Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA, Korea)
January Conducted the Industry-Academia-Research Institute Cooperation Cluster Support Program funded by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
January Conducted joint research for the development of cancer metastasis inhibitors supervised by the Ministry of Education and Science Technology
January The expansion and relocation of the Chodang Research Center from Ansan to Seoul
January Signed new product introducing contracts with foreign multinational corporations and conducted joint research with venture businesses for the development of innovative dosage form
January Conducted joint research with pharmacy colleges of national universities for the development of innovative dosage form
January Conducted national projects (3 years) with the Ministry of Health and Welfare on “the development of new systems for oriental medicine for the treatment of chronic conditions in children”
January The acquisition of approval for Korea’s first garlic drug “the Alican Capsule”
January The patent registration of 3 counts of “neutral hair-dyeing agent compositions”
January The extension of the Chodang Research Center (3 floors aboveground)
January The patent registration of “a new analysis method for the garlic oil allicin”
January The establishment of the “Chodang Research Center ”, of Chodang Pharm approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology
August A patent application for “the manufacturing process of Halomonas benzonitrile”
January KIST Joint research for the first domestic raw material synthesis of “Eperisone HCI”
January KIST joint research for the first domestic raw material synthesis of “Disodium Etidronate”
January The establishment of the “Chodang Laboratory”, of Chodang, operated in connection with the Quality Management Department